Paint Seascapes and Waves

with Artist Michelle S. Burt

Learn to capture the energy of the ocean through ongoing seascape and wave painting lessons that enable you to paint with confidence and joy!  I will be dedicated to you making progress. 

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Monthly Painting Class

I assist aspiring artists to overcome creators anxiety while teaching them how to paint the ocean with confidence and JOY!

Learn how to paint a beautiful seascapes and waves. Through this Artist-led course you will develop a greater understanding of how to paint the ocean. The fundamentals of values, color mixing, atmospheric perspective and composition will be discussed in a fun and friendly atmosphere. 

You learn how to:

  • Paint beautiful seascape and wave paintings
  • Learn what materials to use
  • How to mix the colors of the ocean
  • Learn how to compose a strong composition
  • Learn to use the correct values
  • Learn about atmosphere
  • Learn abut the elements of the ocean.
  • How to create illuminated cresting waves
  • How to paint the transparency of light through water 
  • And much, much more!!!

I know you can do this! Just think what you can achieve! Beginners and beyond are welcome.

Lessons based on the beautiful beaches of

Laguna Beach, California

Student Painting Reviews

Submit your paintings for a review of what is working and what changes you can do  to make the painting better. Seeing this on your paintings and others will help you learn.

Recorded Painting Demos

Pre-recorded step-by-step painting demos that you may access over and over in the Art Academy Portal. All videos have closed captioning.

Live Q&A Teaching Sessions

Every month we will have a LIVE Class where I will answer your questions and roll out the next module with a review of terms, photos and key lesson points.

Learning To See

Through picture and video reviews you will learn to see what I see when looking at the ocean.  Learn what to highlight, about reflections, textures and shapes. 

Key benefits from this course:

  • New Recorded Painting Demonstrations every month
  • Step-by-step demos with painting and palette view
  • Downloadable reference pictures
  • Live Q & A Sessions - will be recorded
  • Student Painting Reviews with clear action steps to take
  • Picture review lessons -Learn to see and how look at the water
  • Mindset lessons 
  • Tips and Techniques Shared
  • Private FB Member Group Community
  • Academy Art Portal where everything is easily accessible
  • Access real time videos, not time lapsed , at your convenience  
  • Demo Vault grows each month
  • Searchable videos by keyword
  • All videos have closed-captioning 
  • Watch and implement at your own pace
  • Special price lock for the life of your membership
  • 20% discount on all of my future stand-alone classes-Online or in person
  • Playing, learning and having fun!

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